When an independent, professional evaluation is needed, we can assist your organization by assessing your management system against agreed international standards and best practices for an effective detection of areas of improvement.

Assessments are conducted during our consultancy projects, at different stages, and prior to compliance audits performed by Registration / Certification Bodies or any other auditing party, to assess your organization's readiness for external audits.


MEAG has been working with Mrs. Mary El Asmar from M.A Consultants services for more than 15 years and we are impressed with her expertise in coaching and consulting while highly demonstrating solid work ethics. 
Mrs. El Asmar is a dedicated, methodical and forward-thinker who has lots of knowledge in her field. Her exceptional skills, comprehension of change requests and flexibility with the system helped us achieve our desired objectives. 
M.A Consultants services, with their systematic approach, gave us a huge boost on our quality and regulatory compliance and we highly recommend them for growing businesses.


“ M.A. Consultants” fully understand our goals, objectives, and business operations. Together, we have built and executed plans and procedures where we have taken our business to better levels.

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