We believe that the key success of any management system lies in the people managing and implementing it. That is why our consultancy services encompass training and development of our clients’ human resources in the needed fields.

Strategic management systems & Balanced Scorecard

Set up strategic management systems for alignment within organizations and vertical integration using the Balanced Scorecard technique.

Quality management systems

Set up quality management systems as per ISO 9001 standard, and other international standards in the field.

Internal system auditing & assessment

Set up internal audit systems and programmes; plan, perform and report; train clients’ internal auditors and continuously evaluate them; provide internal auditing services for organizations that do not have internal auditors.

Performance management systems (KPIs)

Set up performance management systems for performance improvement through continuous monitoring and measurement.

Root-cause analysis & problem solving

Using basic and advanced TQM tools & techniques for root-cause analysis and continual improvement.

Information security

Set up systems with focus on information security (ISO/IEC 27001).

Organizational management & re-structuring

Set up organizations’ structures and hierarchical links between entities and functions to serve their goals and strategic objectives.

Job Analysis

Analyze and develop job descriptions.

Job evaluation & grading systems

Set up grading systems and salary scales.

Staff performance appraisal

Set up staff assessment systems.

ISAGO systems for Ground Handling Operators

Set up management systems as per ISAGO requirements, and other related standards in the field.


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